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Décembre 2017 - Promaritime International recrute un(e) agent consignataire expérimenté(e).
Poste de cadre basé à Rouen pour le développement des activités en Normandie. Déplacements réguliers, un bon niveau d’anglais est requis, tant à l’oral qu’à l’écrit. Savoir faire preuve de forte autonomie, d’initiative et de réactivité. Poste à pourvoir dès maintenant. Modalités et conditions à discuter selon profil. Candidatures à envoyer à la direction (voir répertoire).

breaking news : On 5 Apr 2017, A new maritime ro-ro offer to the UK and Ireland. Download file

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The industry of transportation is our primary business, shipping is our expertise.

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liners services to Finland & Russia, Morocco and West Coast Africa, chartering for industrial projects, shipping agency, road deliveries and logistic.

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The Promaritime strength is that it has drawed strong personalities, which have chosen to share with us our values and our ambitions serving our customers.

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E-Ship 1 docked at the port of Dieppe

15 February 2018 E-Ship 1 docked at the port of Dieppe

This modern cargo carrying components of wind turbines landed at the port of Dieppe Friday, February 9, 2018.

The E-Ship stays on average four days at the dock. 4 cranes, 3 truck sets, 2 pilot cars and 2 forklifts are needed for unloading. 35 people are mobilized by the company PROMARITIME which is in charge of operations management.

Promaritime option in 2011 was to set port services and facility within the port of Dieppe, to allow a reliable and efficient manoeuvring range and logistic for power wind generators and easier inland busing to power area sites.

This challenge turns to be very successfull, resulting numerous wind generator cargo ships to call the port of Dieppe within the last five years.

Promaritime is very pleased to be parntering with ENERTEC to encourage such new port activity based on long and reliable term.

Download the full press release in PDF format

The sugar terminal Robust resumes service in Rouen

01 February 2018 The sugar terminal Robust resumes service in Rouen

Maritime sugar traffic is back in Rouen on the Quai du Bassin aux Bois (QBB). On 4 October, the bulk carrier Michelle C, under the name Promaritime and handled by Somap, docked on the left bank to load 10,900 tonnes of sugar destined for Haiti, or 218,000 50-kilo bags. There had been no such vessels at Robust, a subsidiary of Sénalia, since December 2013. This first export from the Rouen terminal follows the end of the European sugar quotas on September 30, 2017.

To enable this recovery of traffic, Sénalia / Robust has made investments on its terminal. "The site was sort of dormant, but it worked, says Gilles Kindelberger, CEO of Sénalia. We carried out 60 000 t of annual bulk tanker traffic for local manufacturers. We have reinvested on the terminal for trafficking in conventional bags, BIBO * factory ships and bag containers. For the most part, the modernization concerned not only PLCs, but also bag weighing systems, as well as the installation of a new hoe (**) to reach a loading capacity of 60 containers per day. We are very optimistic for the future and hope to eventually reach a volume of 250,000 tonnes of sugar per year. "



The whole staff of Promaritime Group wants to warmly thank his customers and partners for the loyalty and confidence they brought during year 2017.

Promaritime International continues its development, installing brand new officies in Charles de Gaulle, Marseille, Abidjan and Libreville.

90 MT weight oversized speed patrol boat to Guyana

18 December 2017 90 MT weight oversized speed patrol boat to Guyana

Promaritime Intl acting on behalf Geodis Project have organized delivery of a rapid patrol boat from Fr-Toulon up to the port of French Guyana (water out delivery).

The heavy sustained vessel «  m/s LEILA H» was chartered for safe delivery to final consignee (custom patrol forces) offshore Degrad des Cannes, french Guyana.

Local coordination, port dlvry was arranged by Promaritime Guyane

Adding a new logistics international teams

01 November 2017 Adding a new logistics international teams

A team of 4 skilled in logistics international project has joined the group as from 1st Nov.

The team office is located next to Charles de Gaulle Airport (F93 Tremblay en France.