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1er septembre 2019 - Promaritime International est heureux d’annoncer la création d’un nouveau partenaire PROMODULAR BUILDING :
Promodular Building est spécialisée dans la location et la vente «clés en mains » de constructions modulaires : du simple conteneur de stockage (20 pieds) à la réalisation d’une base vie complexe !
La société intervient sur tous les corps de métiers : entretien, rénovation, SAV, aménagement, montage, démontage.
Contact : M. Fabrice BOULIER, tel +33 (0)2 3571 8893 / +33 (0)7 5260 272 /

1st September 2019 - Promaritime International, a new group partner is born : PROMODULAR BUILDING :
Rental or selling service of ISO 9001 CERTIFIED key delivery modular 20 feet modular building
Fully assembled frames and equiped wharehousing/office/lab and lifebase building modules
On 5 Apr 2017, A new maritime ro-ro offer to the UK and Ireland.
Contact : M. Fabrice BOULIER, tel +33 (0)2 3571 8893 / +33 (0)7 5260 272 /

The reference at sea transport

Welcome to Promaritime International’s website, feel free to submit us any enquiry for your shipping project.

The industry of transportation is our primary business, shipping is our expertise.

We have a range of activities :
liners services to Finland & Russia, Morocco and West Coast Africa, chartering for industrial projects, shipping agency, road deliveries and logistic.

You will find a lot of useful information in this site, and we are personally keen to answer all your enquiries over the phone. Telephone N° on the top right. Your questions through e-mail are welcome too.


A strong network with our partners

The Promaritime strength is that it has drawed strong personalities, which have chosen to share with us our values and our ambitions serving our customers.

L'implantation en france de Promaritime


'Spotlighted' River shuttle !

23 October 2019 'Spotlighted' River shuttle !

Under the impulsion of The Union Portuaire de Rouen (UPR) and Metropole Rouen Normandie, a shuttle service crossing river seine linking right and left bank side of the river started on July 15th.

The shuttle boat named “FELIX DE AZZARA » is electrical powered and offer a 45 pax capacity (also possibly bikes on board).

This shuttle service, is someway similar  to Promaritime (sea) shuttle Service in French Guyana linking the mainland to Islands.

This new shuttle service is to be performed till mid november for a test period.

IATA Certification

03 May 2019 IATA Certification

Air international Air Transport Association (IATA) has granted the freight accreditation to The Promaritime Group.
The Air freight division subsidiary of the group, AIRWAN INTERNATIONAL is now namely operating the Air Freight activity for account of the customers of Promaritime International Group

Creation of a new company in the group : PROMARGUINEE

25 March 2019 Creation of a new company in the group : PROMARGUINEE

PromarGuinea is active in Guinea in the field of all logistics issues such as 

  • Transport commissioning, 
  • Vessel chartering, 
  • Inland Import/export customs, 
  • Project cargo transport management, 
  • Training and sourcing...

Do not hesitate to contact them directly : Tel + 224 629 878968 or to visit them :

Cité Chemin de fer
Immeuble Kindia
Commune de Kaloum


Promaritime Guyane celebrates three years of operation !

25 February 2019 Promaritime Guyane celebrates three years of operation !

68,000 passengers, three ships in line, and a lot of work done to repair the boats!

A friendly birthday dinner for the project's actors in Rouen: Eric Lelievre, Regis Tetrel, Paul Hebert and Thomas Benoit ,on the occasion of Brice TETREL's visit to Rouen as director of the Guyana branch,

To all our friends, partners and clients we wish all the best for 2019

15 January 2019 To all our friends, partners and clients we wish all the best for 2019

Promaritime International celebrated her 25th anniversary this year.
We are greatly counting on our customers and partners for the next quarter of a century to be just as exciting !!