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M/V Deep Star stopover in Rouen / 22 May 2020

The M/V Deep Star of the Technip fleet has been on a technical layover in Rouen since Sunday, May 17 on the Quai de L’Ouest.

This entire stopover is coordinated by the consignment teams of Promaritime International, Technip's usual agent.

CNAN NORD is back / 20 May 2020

F-ROUEN port facility, TCMD terminal of Grand Couronne has the privilege to welcome the new shipping service from river Seine Range to ALGERIAN ports

More than 20 years elapsed since the service from Rouen was formely performing

On 8 May The first unit of CNAN FLOAT « SS CONSTANTINE » berthed in terminal TCMD, her maritime agency was successfully organised by PROMARITIME INTERNATIONAL, so was the port handling services with TCMD terminal

Which allowed the ship to to depart on saturady 9th, at 06 :15 PM

This first call will be followed by a twice monthly direct service to Algerian ports

Break bulk, Containers and heavy lifts (2x180 to 250 MT LIFT) will be welcome and PROMARITIME INTERNATIONAL, as agent will endeavour to increase the cargo flow from River Seine range to ALGERIA

Antwerp XL / 12 May 2020

Come and visit us on our Promaritime International stand which will take place in Antwerp from 15 to 17 September 2020.

New hires in the group / 10 May 2020


In February, coming from SOGENA associated with the Promaritime INTL group, I joined PROMARITIME as part of the regrouping of the Africa activity. I have the will to invest myself in this development project. Energy, stubborn and persevering seems to me to be the elements of my character. I received a very good integration within the company.

PROMAR MED - Mr. Eric Vella

Coming from the maritime services activity for oil tankers, I am joining Promaritime International to develop in much more varied fields. Arrived in February in a climate of health crisis, activity remains buoyant. The personality of the group leaders very quickly convinced me to join the PROMARITIME group.


I come from the export import area of ​​EURO TRANSIT. I joined the PROMARITIME Roissy Tremblay group since March 16. Despite the difficult crisis situation, I have already benefited from good advice & very good support.

PROMAR GUINEA - M. Tafsir Togba

Coming from SOGENA LPO Conakry, I joined the PROMARITIME intl group in January. Partner in the process of the group's presence in Guinea. I have a very good impression in the cohesion of the group and the people who are interfacing in Rouen.

From the water afloat / 09 March 2020

In its capacity as ship's consignee, Promaritime International carried out for the shipowner BIG LIFT / SPLIETHOFF a stopover of the ship SS PAUWRACHT at the Joannes Couvert quay in Le Havre.

After the tugs VB SURPRISE AND VB ACHERON in Marseille, the Norman fleet of BOL

UDA in turn receives two port tug boats VB guardian and VB TORNADE (from the PIRIOU VIETNAM shipyards).
Promaritime International organized the preparation and the completion of the port of call in Le Havre and the handling from the water afloat of the two units of 531 tonnes each!

/ 01 January 2020

The vessel "BBC EDGE" has been chartered by PROMARITIME INTL to provide transportation to BATA
The transport of four WÄRTSILÄ motors for the production of electricity from the BAT6A power station (Equatorial Guinea).

The delivery to the plant site and the positioning on the anchor blocks was carried out by the company SCALES as part of the overall service of PROMARITIME INTERNATIONAL.

This global service from Rauma (Finland up to centralized level until unloaded on the foundations of the 4 internal combustion engines and auxiliary equipment) represents a total of 8600 Cbm - 1730 tonnes.

For the occasion, a self-supporting trailer was loaded as well as handling and load breaking equipment to ensure local transport and handling within the power plant.

Group news / 29 November 2019


135 mt SWE mobile crane
OUT REACH 36 Mtrs –
Fitted on a 550 CV VOLVO truck
Extendable chassis upto 20 Feet

This is the brand new equipment our partner PROMAR HANDLING has just acquired recently (Nov 2019)

This is to reenforce the equipment they can provide to widely  extend their handling and industrial transfert services business


«FELIX DE AZZARA »  the River Seine shuttle service :

she will resume servivce till july next year 2020 !! The shuttle service turns to be very successfull with an average of 250 pax daily ! Resulting, the river crossing service will be extended to another 6 months period 

PROMARITIME is proud to be part of this successsful shuttle project


Such a good start business with at least 60 modules already currently rented -  another big ammount of jobs will be shortly on plan.

'Spotlighted' River shuttle ! / 23 October 2019

Under the impulsion of The Union Portuaire de Rouen (UPR) and Metropole Rouen Normandie, a shuttle service crossing river seine linking right and left bank side of the river started on July 15th.

The shuttle boat named “FELIX DE AZZARA » is electrical powered and offer a 45 pax capacity (also possibly bikes on board).

This shuttle service, is someway similar  to Promaritime (sea) shuttle Service in French Guyana linking the mainland to Islands.

This new shuttle service is to be performed till mid november for a test period.

IATA Certification / 03 May 2019

Air international Air Transport Association (IATA) has granted the freight accreditation to The Promaritime Group.
The Air freight division subsidiary of the group, AIRWAN INTERNATIONAL is now namely operating the Air Freight activity for account of the customers of Promaritime International Group

Creation of a new company in the group : PROMARGUINEE / 25 March 2019

PromarGuinea is active in Guinea in the field of all logistics issues such as 

  • Transport commissioning, 
  • Vessel chartering, 
  • Inland Import/export customs, 
  • Project cargo transport management, 
  • Training and sourcing...

Do not hesitate to contact them directly : Tel + 224 629 878968 or to visit them :

Cité Chemin de fer
Immeuble Kindia
Commune de Kaloum


Promaritime Guyane celebrates three years of operation ! / 25 February 2019

68,000 passengers, three ships in line, and a lot of work done to repair the boats!

A friendly birthday dinner for the project's actors in Rouen: Eric Lelievre, Regis Tetrel, Paul Hebert and Thomas Benoit ,on the occasion of Brice TETREL's visit to Rouen as director of the Guyana branch,

To all our friends, partners and clients we wish all the best for 2019 / 15 January 2019

Promaritime International celebrated her 25th anniversary this year.
We are greatly counting on our customers and partners for the next quarter of a century to be just as exciting !!

Promaritime, a professionalism responsive to all emergencies / 04 December 2018

Promaritime has the capacity to respond and propose solutions to any type of situation thanks to its high competence and the professionalism of its network.

At the end of November, we were contacted about the ship M / V Happy Buccaneer. While sailing to the United States to deliver large gantry cranes, the ship experienced problems with its port anchor in the harbor of Le Havre.

We therefore organized and supervised urgently the stop of this ship in Rouen to allow the installation of an anchor lengths of new chains.

48h was the total time between the first contact with the contractors and the end of this technical stop.

This operation was a success thanks to a great responsiveness and a communication mastered with all stakeholders.

Promaritime Intl customs service now ready for soft or hard Brexit customs options ! / 12 November 2018

Brexit is a daily concern within the Business and economy field. No positive result frim The 18th of october EEC meeting and there are two last meetings till the end of this year

Shall we have to deal with the hard Brexit or with a temporary soft version extented untill jan 1st of 2020?

This is the main outstanding issue of next negotiation beetwen EEC and Uk.

Our customs dept is keeping very well aware and thoughtfull of any development in this issue.

Promaritime Intl will remain to your service for any import-export customs processing.

Our first worshop container has been delivered in the Island Martinique / 29 October 2018

Promaritime International is also active in the west indies -  with the assistance of local   Professional partners,  A first worshop container has been delivered to the power windmill projet site in the Island Martinique

Thus adding another string to our bow, Promaritime Intl have successfully organized all tooling, fitting,  equipments into the container shaped workshop, prior door to door intl delivery is completed

Promaritime is at the service of M/V EXCALIBUR Core Jack up barge / 24 September 2018

Since several weeks Promaritime Dieppe has been performing to provide with all necessary onshore supplies for the M/V Excalibur core jack up barge.

M/V Excalibur is beeing employed by « Société des Eoliennes en Mer Dieppe Le Tréport » (offshore power mill company)  - for sea ground coring test, view inplanting sub power windmills offshore Le Treport sea range.

Our Promaritime teams and our highly skilled and reliable local partners are shouldering  24h / 7 days a week technician team of Excalibur.

Availability, reactivity and professionalism are the necessary assets so M/V Excalibur drilling operations  will be carried on successfully.



June 2018: loading a huge reel / 17 June 2018

Promaritime and rigging co Promarhandling proceeding to boarding lashing &  securing a 74MT reels on the vessel « Novatrans ».

Spectacular unloading on the port of Le Havre / 31 May 2018

The Promaritime International group welcomed the MS Western Rock ship (Amasus Shipping B.V., built in 2018) for the unloading of military equipment for the Eurosatory exhibition.

The unloading was assured under the responsibility of pro maritime on Saturday, May 19 at the ro-ro terminal of the port of Le Havre.

Promaritime Guyane / 27 April 2018

A new 13 pax passenger Hi speed ship to reinforce the promaritime Guyane fleet will be shipped on Cma Cgm 40ft flat Contr from Marseilles to Degrad des Cannes (Grench Guyana).

Centrimex Marseille have organized the shipment all the way from Ajjacio, Corsica up to Guyana
The (road) on carriage from DDC to water out Kourou will be arranged by Promaritime Guyane sarl.

Promaritime International Project / 19 April 2018

February 2018

Transport of two units passenger shuttle boats (150 pax), which were shipped by Promaritime Intl Project grom CN-Dalian to Fort de France, Martinique, For account of ODC Marine ship yard.

Avril 2018

Promaritime International was regular actor as ship’s agent for BBC Chartering, for two heavy lift vessels within Le Havre, Radicatel and Rouen ports:

- MS BBC ALBERTA : Operating both in Radicatel and Le Havre. Prysmian Hose reels and FLC loading arms.

- MS BBC EVEREST : 3000 MT Vallourec pipes shipped from Brasil and discharged on pier Marcel Marais, Rouen. Pipes Unlashing on board achieved by our sister cie Promar Handling and stevedoring organised by Docks Seine.

Two Technip ships at Port de Rouen at Marcel MARAIS dock / 27 February 2018

HAROPA - Port of Rouen simultaneously hosts two Technip vessels: the North Sea Atlantic and the Deep Explorer. These two vessels dock regularly in waiting station in Rouen, before joining the wharf of the company TechnipFMC, located on the banks of the Seine at the Trait.


The consignment department of the company Promaritime International has taken over the double call of two vessels operated by oil services group. The Promaritime teams take care of all the needs of the ship, such as bunkering

Download the full press release in french

CMSO Football / 26 February 2018

Groupe PROMARITIME International has join the management of the amateur football club CMSO in Oissel, which is recognized as a training club, an actor of Normandy football and a breeding ground for great players.

CMSO is very active with 600 licensees, educators and volunteers serving the club.

The PROMARITIME International Group has agreed to participate in this sporting adventure - with the qualities it finds in its professional activities for the team spirit with the motivation and common search for victories and especially the respect of the Other with the fairplay required.

E-Ship 1 docked at the port of Dieppe / 15 February 2018

This modern cargo carrying components of wind turbines landed at the port of Dieppe Friday, February 9, 2018.

The E-Ship stays on average four days at the dock. 4 cranes, 3 truck sets, 2 pilot cars and 2 forklifts are needed for unloading. 35 people are mobilized by the company PROMARITIME which is in charge of operations management.

Promaritime option in 2011 was to set port services and facility within the port of Dieppe, to allow a reliable and efficient manoeuvring range and logistic for power wind generators and easier inland busing to power area sites.

This challenge turns to be very successfull, resulting numerous wind generator cargo ships to call the port of Dieppe within the last five years.

Promaritime is very pleased to be parntering with ENERTEC to encourage such new port activity based on long and reliable term.

Download the full press release in PDF format

The sugar terminal Robust resumes service in Rouen / 01 February 2018

Maritime sugar traffic is back in Rouen on the Quai du Bassin aux Bois (QBB). On 4 October, the bulk carrier Michelle C, under the name Promaritime and handled by Somap, docked on the left bank to load 10,900 tonnes of sugar destined for Haiti, or 218,000 50-kilo bags. There had been no such vessels at Robust, a subsidiary of Sénalia, since December 2013. This first export from the Rouen terminal follows the end of the European sugar quotas on September 30, 2017.

To enable this recovery of traffic, Sénalia / Robust has made investments on its terminal. "The site was sort of dormant, but it worked, says Gilles Kindelberger, CEO of Sénalia. We carried out 60 000 t of annual bulk tanker traffic for local manufacturers. We have reinvested on the terminal for trafficking in conventional bags, BIBO * factory ships and bag containers. For the most part, the modernization concerned not only PLCs, but also bag weighing systems, as well as the installation of a new hoe (**) to reach a loading capacity of 60 containers per day. We are very optimistic for the future and hope to eventually reach a volume of 250,000 tonnes of sugar per year. "


The whole staff of Promaritime Group wants to warmly thank his customers and partners for the loyalty and confidence they brought during year 2017.

Promaritime International continues its development, installing brand new officies in Charles de Gaulle, Marseille, Abidjan and Libreville.

90 MT weight oversized speed patrol boat to Guyana / 18 December 2017

Promaritime Intl acting on behalf Geodis Project have organized delivery of a rapid patrol boat from Fr-Toulon up to the port of French Guyana (water out delivery).

The heavy sustained vessel «  m/s LEILA H» was chartered for safe delivery to final consignee (custom patrol forces) offshore Degrad des Cannes, french Guyana.

Local coordination, port dlvry was arranged by Promaritime Guyane

Adding a new logistics international teams / 01 November 2017

A team of 4 skilled in logistics international project has joined the group as from 1st Nov.

The team office is located next to Charles de Gaulle Airport (F93 Tremblay en France.



Promaritime Guyane / 30 October 2017

Promaritime Guyane Passenger cat ship « Royal Ti punch » being lifted for hull and power maintenance

New media : Mafi trailers to overseas / 24 October 2017

Specialist of international sea transport, our know-how offers the best solutions for your oversea shipments.

We invite you to discover a new photo report with the oversized equipment stowed on Mafi trailers.

Promaritime Guyane / 20 October 2017

Our boat "Iles du Salut" just made a cure of youth !

After 4 weeks of Maintenance works in Suriname during May, our ship assured back the line for the summer of 2017 with an important activity!

In the meantime, our ship "Royal Ti Punch" has brilliantly taken over, and will join the maintenance yard from November 2017.

PROMARITIME International is appointed as General Agent of NEPTUNE LINES for its activities in France / 01 March 2017

We are pleased to inform you that PROMARITIME International has been entrusted with the operational and commercial representation of the activities of NEPTUNE Lines in France from 1 March.

NEPTUNE Lines is a shipping company specializing in transportation in RORO.

Established since 1975 with a fleet of young ships, we will have the opportunity to serve Fos-Marseilles and Sète in connection with North Africa, Southern and Eastern Mediterranean as well as the different ports of the Black Sea.

The consignments of ships in France - Mediterranean are thus ensured by its subsidiary PROMARMED.

We are proud of this recognition and to add this new card to the shipping companies that we represent. On this occasion, we opened the office of PROMARITIME International in Marseille.

Promaritime International Marseille

Immeuble Le Grand Panorama
114, boulevard Jean Labro
13016 Marseille
+33 4 88 60 08 95

Contact: Mrs Caroline CANTONI
+33 6 40 28 42 95

Cooperation between Protranser and Promaritime groups / 22 February 2017

We have the privilege to announce a cooperation agreement with Mr Zhang Li, Managing director of PROTRANSER INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS Co. Ltd, SHANGHAI PRC, this agreement has been reached on On Feb 3, 2017 in F-Rouen.

This agreement is linked to chartering vessels In and Out movements of project cargo oversized and heavy lifts with China. This is the result of a long lasting cooperation between Protranser Intl and Promaritime Intl, and the existing partnership with BBC chartering heavy lift carrier, in leer. Promaritime beeing BBC general ship port agents in all french ports.

Mr zhang li pointed out we all wish that "Pros" teams will continue working closely and will be successful in Project business

Signing of a major consignment contract between HYPROC and PROMARMED / 01 February 2017

HYPROC, the liquefied natural gas carrier of Algeria, a subsidiary of SONATRACH, one of the world's leading exporter of gas (LPG / LNG) and PROMARMED, a subsidiary of PROMARITIME in the south, have just ratified an agreement on the consignment of HYPROC vessels in French ports in particular.

Since Algeria has been the supplier of french gas for several decades, between 110 and 130 stops are planned in 2017 in France mainly on the ports of FOS and LAVERA. The number of ports of call in the northern ports remaining marginal.
Eric LELIEVRE, Chairman of PROMARITIME int'l (majority shareholder and Chairman of PROMARMED), accompanied by Julien MAITIA, President of PROVERMARINE (also shareholder of PROMARMED), went to ORAN on Wednesday 18 January where HYPROC To meet Mr. BENGHALI MUSTAPHA, Commercial Director and Mr. HAMOUN RAMDANE, Head of the Account Department, in order to sign a consignment contract linking HYPROC to PROMARMED for a minimum period of one year.

A few photos below trace this important milestone, as we all very much hope, the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation for both companies.
Both parties welcomed this signing after a particularly successful test period.

To all our Friends and Clients we wish all the best for 2017 / 04 January 2017

The Promaritime International Group ended 2016 on a high note :

  • Commercial deployment in the Ile-de-France with our associated partner Promar IdF,
  • Promaritime Guyane that the results are clearly up to the challenge : This new structure associated with Promaritime International group will be the only company to provide daily service between Kourou and Isle Royale,
  • We'll soon become an Authorised Economic Operator (A.E.0 ). This status will guarantee Promaritime International and its customers an acceleration and a simplification of customs operations : expertise, flow processing, export, reduction of export controls...
  • Success of our port services such as consignment and manutention in Dieppe / Rouen and Sète, notably in wind energy expertise.
A.E.O is expected in early 2017 / 03 January 2017

The Promaritime International Group has been audited this fall to become an Authorised Economic Operator (A.E.0 ). This statut is now expected in early 2017.
All teams are heavily involved in this process, under the discerning eye of the chief of Customs Mrs Angélique LEGAY
This status will guarantee Promaritime International and its customers an acceleration and a simplification of customs operations : expertise, flow processing, export, reduction of export controls …

Partnership / 01 November 2016

The Promaritime International Group signs a partnership agreement with OMENEM  holding ltd, Abidjan, strong player in the Ivory Coast for maritime freight, air freight, oil logistics, containerised and bulk cargo.

Loading of a complete Fuel power plant at Radicatel terminal / 15 October 2016

This  BBC Chartering fleet vessel  loaded at Radicatel Terminal :  a complete electrical power plant  Type   ‘’LM6000 POWER PLANT ‘’ destined to HOUSTON, TX.
This loading operation has been performed with ship’s cranes (2x 150 SWL & 1 x 80 SWL).

Promaritime Guyane / 07 July 2016

This new structure associated with Promaritime International group will be the only company to provide daily service between Kourou and Isle Royale.

The activity managed by SOTEL company for twenty years, was taken to prolong what is called in Kourou "Shuttling Islands". Brice Tétrel and his team are very proud to be able to continue this line and make you discover this island and its valuable heritage.


Promaritime International is working to become an Authorized Economic Operator / 28 February 2016

The PromaritimeInternational Group is working to become an Authorised Economic Operator (A.E.0 ). All teams are heavily involved in this process.

This status will guarantee Promaritime International and its customers an acceleration and a simplification of customs operations : expertise, flow processing, export, reduction of export controls …

Happy New Year 2016 to all our Friends and Clients / 18 January 2016

Promaritime begins 2016 in its new office on the right bank of Rouen. We took the opportunity to enhance our computer system faster and more safety.

We have strengthened our business development efforts with the arrival in our Paris office of Madame Nadine Rakotonanahary. In Brussels, we are approached by the European Commission to participate in a working group on maritime and ports Cyber-Security.
More than ever, we remain at the full disposal of our Clients to support them in their need for transport and growth.

Reception of a new carne of 120 tons / 24 November 2015

On the 14th of September at Dock N°3, a crane manufactured ITALGRUE is delivered at the attention of stevedoring company SOSERSID. With this new capacity, the handling offer of SOSERSID will be enlarged.

The crane has been transported on board of COMBI DOCK III from J. Poulsen Shipping. The unit has been built in 2009. She is a geared vessel with 2 x 350T + 200T capacity, and a hold of impressive 132 x18 x 9.40m. She can be operated lo/lo, ro/ro and flo/flo.
The operation under the Agency of PROMARMED has been realized by ro/ro means within 3 hours. A real success.

Our new agency in Bordeaux / 07 October 2015

Precision and know how were the keywords for this challenge : routing a 40 meters and 200 tons barge restaurant to the Port of Bordeaux.

The shipping started at Aigues Mortes by a river transport, helped by a tugboat, to join the Port of Sète. Then, the barge was lifted from the water, using the cranes of a heavy lift vessel and settled down in the hold of this vessel. This is how the barge made its trip of ten days to the Port of Bordeaux.

This fine operation has been operated by Patrick Lavandier, from our agency in Bordeaux, principally dedicated to heavy and oversized industrial cargo.

After Rouen, Dieppe is welcoming the E-ship1 / 07 August 2015

The E-ship1, ship specialized in windmill component transport, is not going unnoticed in Paris pond in Dieppe. This jewel of the german group ENERCON had caused a sensation when he came at the port of Rouen.

The unloading operation should last 3 days and mobilize 4 cranes to unload land-based windmills. For many years, ENERCON, third worldwild windmills’ producer, rests upon skills of PROMARITIME teams and entrust them with logistics operations on Norman’s port.

For 10 years, PROMARITIME have been demonstrated his excellence in terms of consignment in windmill field. Each year, several dozens of ships full of windwills components on every French ports are taken care of by our teams.

PROMARITIME often manage land-based post-delivery of all these elements toward wind farm.

Reactivity, precision and availability are essential qualities for a good proceeding of this kind of operation.

Opening of a Promar office in Paris / 04 August 2015

Proximity and excellence of service for his client are more than ever the main concerns of PROMARITIM’ teams.

New evidence has just been given with the opening of a Parisian office. It’s not a revolution as PROMARITIME is already used to work regularly in the Capital, but it’s a new step for a better service for our customers in Paris.

Furthermore, PROMARITIME is happy to welcome on board an undeniable personality of the shipping world to drive its Parisian office.


Indeed, Nadine RAKOTONANAHARY – graduated from ESSEC and with more than 20 years’ experience in the domain of  trading and maritime transport – will manage this new business unit.

“Since many years, we have been thinking about opening a stronger representation close to our Parisian customers, explains Eric LELIEVRE, chairman of PROMARITIME. It’s now becoming true with Nadine, and it’s a real opportunity for all of us.”

“It’s a new challenge for me in this world that I know pretty well, explains Mrs Rakotonanahary. Come and reinforce Promaritime teams, whose professionalism is well known and recognized convinced me to try this new adventure.”

Contact :
Promar idf 11, rue de Cambrai
Immeuble Artois
75947 Paris Cedex 19
Tel : +33 (0)1 78 42 91 10

A new car terminal at the port of Sète / 08 June 2015

From right to left, Charles Balier the manager of PROMARMED and Pierre Alleaume from SINTAX control the operations during the call at Sète of Neptunes units. The two fellows had been working together since 2007.

The I-1 wharf is dedicated to car transit traffic, with a new time-saving factor due to specific equipment.

The new terminal has opened on the first of May. Traffic increase to be expected by 2016.

The picture has been shouted during the call at Sète of Car Carrier NEPTUNE ODYSSEY  Shipping.

« E-SHIP-1» calls in Rouen on March 2015 / 05 May 2015

Flag ship of the German company ENERCON, third worldwide windmill manufacturer, the Group’s owned unit  « E-SHIP-1» has been operated at the Agency of PROMARITIME INTERNATIONAL SAS, when she called the port of ROUEN.

Launched in 2014, the RO/LO ship equipped with a stern ramp, two underdecks, and served by two cranes of 80/120 tons, is a real floating event when she  is steaming up the river Seine.

130 m long and 10.500 net tonnage, the vessel is equipped with 4 rotors. The rotors – 27 m hight and 4m diameter – are geared with the propellers that allow the movements of the steel sails.


The sails help moving the ship with extra power due to the “Magnus effect”. The saving on the bunkers can reach up to 25 %.

Fully loaded in Emden, the ship has partly discharged in Rouen, unloading 80 pieces of windmills,are planned a next call at Leixoes, and final trip crossing over the Atlantic to Montevideo, Uruguay.

We wish good sailing to the « E-SHIP-1», top Lady of the flourishing Windmill industry.

Promarmed and ‘Le Bateau Ivre’ / 09 March 2015

Arthur Rimbaud is happy, « LE BATEAU IVRE » a barge restaurant has been nicely transported from Aigues Mortes to Bordeaux Bassens via the port of Sète.

This fine operation has been operated by PROMARMED who controlled the shipment of the barge onto the HAPPY ROVER a BIGLIFT’s unit twin decker of 2 x 400 tons.

A team of frogmen was necessary to secure the slings underneath the water. The barge was actually too big to pass through the Canal du Midi, thus it went to Bordeaux the final port via Gibraltar.

Barging + Chartering Heavy Lift tonnage the winning solution destination Batam Indonesia / 21 January 2015

December 2014, the 26 reels of cables 5.7m Diam / 72 tons/unit destination Batam are loaded into 2 barges to be pushed with auto-motor from Macon to Fos. Promarmed is the shipping agent in charge to receive the river train and do the transshipment onto BBC Skysails, a twin decker geared 2 x 40 tons. The operation lasts two days.

The vessel is on route ETA Batam 23th of January.

Best Wishes / 09 January 2015

To all our Friends and Clients we wish all the best for 2015.

For its 21 years anniversary Promaritime International group is pleased to announce the launching of 2 news Services in the fields of Heavy Parcels and Offshore Windmills in Le Havre and of Sea transport for Bulk and Waste.LHP Agency and Promarbulk are as from now part of the Family.

Furthermore Promaritime International has opened an Office in Brussels to participate to the Expertise Workshops of the Commission of the EEC.

The shipping service of the Group Promaritime breaks its own record / 13 October 2014

The shipping service of the Group Promaritime has realised 500 calls in 2014 at the end of september. Same figure was reached last year end of december. Consistency at Promarshipping, a good trend at Provermarine, and the bolster of the Mediterranean activity of Promarmed, this three factors explain that the Group has reached with three months in advanced this good result.

Promaritime’ decision to increase its national coverage especialy on the Mediterranean Coast is in link with the record. Today the whole port s of the Seine and Med are operated by the Group.

An electric transformer (56 tons) from Finland delivered by Promaritime / 09 October 2014

The Finland Service  of Promaritime took in charge a transformer of 56 Tons GW, with buxom dimensions L 5700 x W 2950 x H 3750 mm, from port of Rauma on the Finnish West Coast.

The design was insuring the sea transport, the port handling, the on-loading on heavy road- trailer, the off-loading at the factory and the final ripping on final bedding at the Jersey Electric Plant located at Perrier (Manche).

Gone with the wind ... The E-Ship at Dieppe. / 09 October 2014

… the cargo and the ship are moved by the wind, thus no way to escape the title of the famous novel of Margaret Mittchel !

It is the ninth shipment of windmills from ENERCON, one of the world leader for windmills, operated by Promaritime at Dieppe since February this year.

The E-Ship call is really special has the lady has been designed by the manufacturer itself proving that he really invests in the wind potentials in every domains.

The beautiful cruise vessels of Promarmed / 09 October 2014

The merchant vessels are the daily duty of Promarmed. The Shipping Agent, activ at the ports of Fos, Sète and  Port la Nouvelle, is well known to be a specialist for Oil and Gas trampers as well as Chemicals. Promarmed has a second specialty more glamourous with the Cruise activity.

The cruise vessels are synonyme of pleasures, easy life on board and exotic ports of call, seen from the Agent view it is a question of extra-top service quality requested by the high standards of the cruise operator. “A fine label for us” admits Charles Balier Promarmed proud manager.

Opening a liaison office in Brussels / 15 September 2014

Promaritime International has opened in June a Brussels liaison office in the European Quarter, a few yards from the EU institutions.

Two Senior Consultants are in charge of representing the company. They will follow maritime affairs and the shaping of EU maritime policies affecting Promaritime.

Please refer to the press kit for additional information.

Promaritime is now certify FONASBA / 01 June 2014

Promaritime ship agent and ship broker services are now certified to Fonasba quality standard.

This certification confirms the confidence many ship owners place in Promaritime since more than 20 years.

Click to view the certificate or read more on the FONASBA website.

Mediterranean activities : HSE certificate for Promarmed / 25 March 2014

Promarmed, shipping agent in Fos, Sète and Port la Nouvelle, is proud to announce its certification HSE in the fields of Chemicals, Oil Products and Gas after being audited by companies such as Lyondell Basell, Kem One, Petroinos and Total.

It means for Promarmed the capacity to work for the ships operated by those Clients, always more demanding in  term of security.

This is a good news that positions Promarmed as a leader in French Méditerannée for the Petrochemical activity.

The good practices of Louis Dreyfus Armement / 03 February 2014

Promaritime is nominated  Agent  for Louis Dreyfus Armement for the coal distribution loop service between Cherbourg and Gennevilliers.

Promaritime International is the shipping agent for the feeder M/V AMANDA, 1650MT of coal per loop i.e. 6 monthly rotations. The coal is due for urban heating.

This traffic enhances the good practices of river transport, at reduced costs, it prevents from pollution through massive road transport. Promaritime follows the trend of sustainable development.

LDA owns Cherbourg Bulk Terminal that operates ocean carriers from South Africa and Russia.




Promarhandling - One of our strong links / 10 December 2013

Actually, Promarhandling operates all along the year for our management projects in international transport.

This meaningful shot shows that strength and precision are the required factors for industrial lifting movements.

By providing concrete solutions Promaritime is a reference at Sea

PM open the doors to its daily operations ! / 05 September 2013

As a specialist of international sea transport, the Group offers the best solutions for your oversea shipments.

To value the operational side, we invite you to discover 3 new medias.

To the party ! / 12 June 2013

Clients and Friends of Promaritime, Promarhandling and Provermarine have enjoyed a night party during the Armada, on board the M.V Corsaire de Saint Malo, a sight seeing vedette.

Old sailing vessels, war boats, the whole family of the Penduick, the Tabarly’s sea-racers, music on board and final fire works.

Agent France for BBC / 01 April 2013

BBC has nominated Promaritime, Port Agent for France. BBC Gmbh from Leer Germany, is the ship-owners of 150 geared vessels, a recent and technical fleet, dedicated to the transport of heavy lifts worldwide.

At Promaritime we received this nomination as an honor, that values many years of constant cooperation and fidelity.

2 BIGUES AND COLUMN 1 / 01 March 2013

Arrival at Bonneuil barge, a 250 tons and 46 meters long column is charged on the Volga HHL to South Korea. The welding and handling lashing are assigned to Promaritime.

Dieppe's office / 01 January 2013

Operating regularly on the Port of Dieppe, Promaritime has decided to open a technical Office at Dieppe Terminal, ZI de Bréauté, 10 rue des Jardins Ouvriers.

We get the friendly assistance and backing of Sogena Transit, long time established on the terminal.

/ 01 January 2012
2 fresh Start Up in the Group Promarhandling & Provermarine Agencies / 30 September 2010

Promarhandling is dedicated to lifting, handling and lashing whole type of cargo including heavy pieces and to industrial maintenance.

Fabien Lecourt, twenty years of experience, manages the company.

Provermarine Agencies is the shipping agency for tramping, allover French ports.

Promaritime and Vertom (the Netherlands) are joining efforts under the management of Julien Maïtia a young specialist of the place of Rouen.

Christening of BBC Ganges at the Quai de l'Ouest / 05 July 2010

BBC Chartering and his partner Promaritime International have christened M/V BBC GANGES « Quai de l’Ouest » at Rouen. Latest Vessel of their fleet, with 2 cranes of 250mt and one of 80mt, we can imagine a busy schedule for this BBC GANGES.

Windmills, a good wind still blows / 18 February 2009

Promaritime has signed its 11th contract for transport and delivery of windmills for energy production sites.

An Extranet for Angola Provider Service / 03 January 2009

Angola Provider Service is a very smart service of Promaritime for Golf of Guinea off-shore operators.

It is a mix « procurement / supply chain / forwarding » which allows a secure supply to those remote working sites.

An extranet, available to share the data, is now on duty.

Morocco : VUMS replaces VACS / 10 October 2008

Van Uden Maghreb Service is the new name for the weekly full containerised service from Rouen to Casablanca v/v. New tonnages annonced.

Wooden poles for EDF on demand / 15 September 2008

That time it is not a question about nuclear power plant, just mere wooden poles for EDF - N°1 French Power provider.

The challenge is to deliver the required poles when and where required to replace the damaged network. Thus very small quantities to very remote country spots. Could be real tough sometimes !