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Promaritime charters the bespoke vessel fitting the exact requirements of your industrial project. Promaritime is able to design and operate the door to door legs of the integrity of the transport management. The range of action is worldwide. We have references in the five oceans and the seven seas.

Passion at work

To succeed in that high demanding activity is possible only if you live your work as a passion. This is the case of the dedicated team that works under the leadership of Eric Lelièvre, who began working in the field of project management some twenty five years ago. Experience is the key word for successful results for razor edge operations, which is the daily environment of this activity.

Leaders support Promaritime Projects & Chartering Service

The big ones are working with Promaritime. Both, Shippers and dedicated Forwarding Agents projects Managers, are using our services. Sometimes the job is done through the facilities of the Port of Rouen. Natural qualities of the port situation, traditional know-how in stevedoring – dunnage – lashing – securing - welding, working flexibilities in the port and experience of the Promaritime team, offer the winning solutions when one thinks about reliability and result in term of Project Management of Heavy Cargo.

Rouen as home port is a natural place for industrial heavy and oversized cargo
  • Rouen is the port of 40 millions people hinterland and heavy industries in a 200 km radius
  • Rouen is a river port offering maximum facilities for a soft combination Land/River/Ocean.
  • Rouen is offering working flexibilities that does not exist anywhere else.
  • Rouen is offering experience and know how in the field of Heavy Cargo and Projects Management.
  • Promaritime is the local operator, which handles the bigger share of that activity.
Dieppe a small and flexible port dedicated to your niche traffic.

Thanks to our experience in project cargo and port handling and to the support of our client, Promaritime installed on the Port of Dieppe.
Thanks to our partner Sogena, we propose our clients a skilled stevedoring manpower capable to handle all type of cargo.
From the bulk to the heavy collies, we can offer turnkey solutions on this dynamic port.
Our close relationship with local authorities allowed us to realize with success more than 20 vessels calls in Dieppe since one year.


Detailed references given on demand.


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