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> Our vision

A Strong idea for durable growth, which started more than 20 years ago.

Sea born transport is our core business. Global Shipping means door to door service and  includes maritime transport, in respect of commitments and schedules. Promaritime will be celebrating this year its 20th anniversary, operating in the whole international market. The company has been founded by three professionals, who are still running it on a daily basis. The first idea was that Promaritime would bring more to the client in terms of commitment and safety, at a level that would be second to none elsewhere: be more efficient than the competition to become a real expert. Financial partners, also working in shipping, belong to the board and support us in our development. The future is seen as durable growth for both partners and employees. Promaritime’s solid financial ratios / reports are a proof of this commitment. We really believe that future will be the idea of a company growing step by step.

Supported with a reliable team...

Promaritime Team is highly qualified and loyal. Most foreign languages are spoken. Promaritime sustains individual performances and personal commitments. The Company thinks that group work is capital in the shipping industry. Promaritime aims to promote people fulfillment through team work, and acknowledgment of the performance of every one. Confidence and respect are mutually experienced, among each other whatever his position, they are the conditions to reach the level of commitments required. Each one involvement is demanded at every operational levels, sharing the final stake is the logical counterpart of this global achievement. Sharing profitability is established on monthly results, year after year.

… based on a Direct Customer Relationship …

Promaritime has a good knowledge of its customers. Beyond service, clients ask for results, and this is what we aim at, with a good advice as an incentive… From the first draft, to the final execution in due time, our contract is to commit ourselves to the final best result. Promaritime direct relationship results of long lasting experience based on knowledge of the offing and port traditions, coupled with mastering information technologies.

… taking into consideration Environment and Security.

Promaritime bares in mind all the environmental constraint and security rules on working sites. The Company tries through awareness programs to identify and to treat risk-situations in order to avoid wounds and accidents. In priority the Company relies on the efforts and attentions of each and everyone. Promaritime has long ago engaged a sustainable effort to identify and erase the risk linked to professional operations, in order to improve the performance level in terms of safety for the people’s own sake. The Company is highly aware that a stress less working environment is the condition for welfare and good productivity. Promaritime has been certified LVMG and SQAS.

Chairman of SAS Promaritime